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thinking about buying your first house but want to avoid that money pit?

We know you do, so that's why we created our "Guide to Buying Well" and we're giving it to you for FREE.



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Let’s be honest, buying your first - or second - investment house can be terrifying. You might be asking yourself “What if I run out of funds before the house is complete?” Or “What if a project like this puts a strain on my marriage?” Or “What if the market takes a turn and I can’t sell the house?” If these are some of the questions keeping you from buying that fixer, then we completely understand.

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In our course, we will be answering all of these questions and more. We will give you the step-by-step guide to confidently make a smart purchase, help you identify money pits, and teach you which projects will turn the most profit when it comes time to sell. There aren't courses out there like this (trust us, we looked for it), so we are creating this for you - the dreamers and the schemers, the ones willing to do the work -- so that you can have the home AND the profit you're hoping for.

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Using our philosophy, you will learn how to purchase the right kind of fixer, put some strategic sweat equity into the house while you live in it, and then sell after 1-2 years. This is what we call “slow flipping.”               

By the end of our “The Slow Flip Formula” e-course, you will have the tools and the confidence you need to continue slow flipping your way to paid off debts, Disney vacations, and buying that house you have been eyeing in your dream neighborhood. 

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About Us

We are Jeffrey and Emily Netz and we are a husband-wife, baby-flipping, house-raising duo. Thankfully, sleep deprivation hasn’t stopped us from pursuing our dreams in our “free time.” 6 years ago, we sold our first house and made a small profit practically on accident. The check was enough to pay off what was left on our vehicle loans. Having that extra financial freedom each month is what hooked us on the idea of buying a fixer house, living in it while renovating it, and then turning around to sell it for a profit. Thus we began our journey in "slow flipping" houses and helping others do the same.